Markova in "Le Cigne"; Carlotta Edwards, 20th century, oil on canvas


 This oil painting by Carlotta Edwards (1894-1977), daughter of the famous artist Ferdinand Pourrier, depicts Alicia Markova as the Dying Swan. Edwards attended ballet rehearsal frequently, and painted many ballet works. She attended St. John’s Wood Art School and some of her works have been seen at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and at the Paris Salon.

This painting, Swan Lake, by Edwards, depicts the principle dancer at the center with many other dancers around her. The sharp contrast between the dancers’ white classical tutus against the darker stage and backdrop makes the dancers stand out. This painting is 12 inches wide by 15 inches high.

Swan Lake; Carlotta Edwards, 20th century, painting

This is another painting of the famous ballet, Swan Lake, by Carlotta Edwards. Again, Edwards, emphasised the dancers by contrasting the costumes and the backdrop. The three dancers in the middle are the main focus, and are surrounded by many others.