Ballet Rehearsal; Edgar Degas, 1873, oil on canvas


This famous painting by Degas, Ballet Rehearsal, is an oil painting that can now be seen in the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University. A group of dancers hold up thier legs as they rehearsal a ballet; a man playing an instrument sits in the corner. Degas was fascinated with dance, and painted many ballet subejcts. This one is a realist impressionist work.

Little Dancer of Fourteen Years; Edgar Degas, ca. 1881, wax


One of Degas’ most notable sculptures is his Little Dancer of Fourteen Years. Degas’ inspiration for this piece came from a ballet dance at the Paris Opéra. He aimed for a naturalistic effect. The sculpture was dressed in real fabrics and he gave it real hair with a ribbon.

Dancer with a Bouquet of Flowers; Edgar Degas, 1878, oil painting


Another one of Edgar Degas’ famous oil paintings is Dancer with a Bouquet of Flowers, done in 1878. It is also know as The Star of the Ballet. It can be considered an impressionist work.